Jun 25
twin condo tender kamala architectural side elevation partial

Twin Condo Tender Kamala

NUR is engaged in project tender to build a twin condo in Kamala. Architectural design plans are completed. NUR have made a site survey and bidding documents which includes project cost, build phases and construction team.

There are 2 separate condominium buildings. Each building has 7 floors with living units, and car parking on the ground floor. The building feature tree scape on the roof.

The high retaining wall requires engineering and drainage features due to the slope of the land.

twin condo tender kamala partial plan

twin condo tender kamala partial plan


Suras Matchavat project director for tender bidding. He also organises scheduling and procurement which includes building materials and sub contractor teams in addition to the NUR core team.

Kamala is famous for its millionaires row of some of the finest sea view villas in south east asia. It has a unique cliff road along which private villas are build, hidden away with incredible sea views.