Construction Services

Solid track record of projects

NUR construct villa complexes, low rise condominiums (apartments), retail buildings as well as individual houses & villas for private clients. NUR are registered structural engineers and have full knowledge of local building regulations and regularly sign off building design plans. The NUR team has long standing relationships with architects and interior design teams in Phuket to deliver luxury property on time to budget.  NUR Projects are led by an experienced structural engineer, so you will be speaking with an expert and no time will be wasted in getting to the details and putting together bidding documents. We offer tours of past projects, alternatively there is also public access to the King Power shopping centre.

Construction management

We engage in consultancy throughout buildings construction process from pre-construction through to project completion. NUR are often given full architectural drawings and renderings. Some clients choose to import materials, furniture and sanitation for us to fit and install. During a project we can provide;

design review & feasibility study
tender documents including budgets and other documentation
construction contracts,
cost estimation & control
quantity surveying
value engineering
constructibility / risk management & mitigation
bidding documents
construction supervision

Construction & Engineering

NUR are qualified and experienced structural engineers. NUR work on various types of low rise buildings including condominiums, apartments, houses, offices and hotels. We provide new build structural calculations, retaining wall assessment, load-bearing wall assessment, remedial work recommendations, feasibility of architectural improvements.

Interior Management

Architecture & interior design
Interior supervision
Interior decoration

Renovation Refurbishment

Damage investigation
Repair recommendation
Architectural design improvements
Bidding on full renovation