Dec 02
luxury villa enovation rawai phuket

Luxury Villa Renovation Concepts Soi Saiyuan Rawai Phuket

Architect Re-modelling

NUR Construction are pleased to announce they have signed a contract to renovate a 3 bedroom luxury villa just off Soi Saiyuan in Rawai Phuket. It’s an architectural remodelling project where 2 walls are being knocked down to re-shape 2 rooms. An additional load bearing column is to built.

Vaulted Ceiling Design & Construction

One of the main aesthetic features is to open the ceiling into a vaulted design complete with LED uplighting which will dramatically modernise the interior look. The ensuite bathroom will be extended to give room for a luxury bath and custom basin. Below are some concept ideas.

villa renovation bathroom concept visual
bathroom concept visual
villa renovation bathroom plan visual
bathroom plan visual
sketch plan bathroom renovation phuket


Part of the renovation works will be a stone built free standing sauna, which will replace the current pond and fountain.

Double Garage Conversion to Gym

The villa has a long driveway to a double garage and rear lawn. The reonvation works include removal of the folding garage doors to be replaceed with windows and small doors which open into new gym. The floor will be SPC. The new aluminium windows are to fit with the overall design of the villa.

Structural Improvements & Demolition

Renovation includes the filling in of the several voids in the walls that are next to the floor. The entire ceiling and current tiling and many floor sections have been demolished already. Work has started quickly. NUR project management are working closely with the clients and have been called in within 24hrs to discuss and decided on detailed parts of the project.

demolition phase ceiling removal